Intelligent Payment Platform

Intelligent Payment Platform

Magnius is hosting an Intelligent Payment Platform for Banks, PSPs and Acquirers and allow them to serve retailers with competitive and innovative payment products.

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Industry dynamics

The payments industry operates in a highly competitive market. New regulations apply, and technologies and fintechs are emerging. Many participants have difficulty keeping up with the pace of regulatory changes or innovation and may even fear disintermediation. How to stay relevant and offer digital payment products and services is one of the key questions for many banks, PSPs and acquirers.

Magnius believes that digital payments are an essential part of the portfolio of banks, PSPs and acquirers. This portfolio should include all payment products, plug-ins, back office connectivity, data analysis, and compliance controls within changing regulations. Can you develop and maintain this yourself at reasonable costs and on time?


Our role in the payment industry

We enjoy our role as a technology partner in which we concentrate on our intelligent payment platform. We host the platform in a scalable and secure way for our customers and offer state-of-the-art payment technologies. A set of controls provide alignment with back office systems and processes.

As a true partner, often named a fintech, we strive to make our customers competitive and relevant to their customers and give them the full digital portfolio they need. While we manage the platform and save significant time and money, our customers can focus on their business.

Digital payments

Consumers use various digital payment products and services. Whether in a store, online, or via a mobile device, a variety of payment products and services need to be offered through all channels.

Intelligent platform

Banks, PSPs and acquirers need an innovative payment platform to meet these demands. The platform should be able to offer any type of payment product, via any channel with the best user experience. All of this is necessary to offer merchants and ultimately customers a satisfactory payment experience.

Actionable insights

Insights into transactions per payment product, customer, customer frequency groups, merchant locations, fraud, transaction results and channels are highly valuable. Every conceivable analysis and benchmarks must be performed to be able to trade and stimulate conversion.