Ask for a tip on the card reader

On-Reader Tipping makes it really easy for your merchants to collect tips from their guests:
At the beginning of each transaction, the guest is asked whether he wants to give a tip and then can enter the tip amount right on the card reader.

Get in touch with your account manager to activate this feature on the LIVE system.

Ask for a tip

Create TransactionProcessParameters and provide them to createTransactionIntent:

TransactionProcessParameters transactionProcessParameters = new TransactionProcessParameters.Builder()

Intent intent = MposUi.getInitializedInstance().createTransactionIntent(params, transactionProcessParameters);
startActivityForResult(intent, MposUi.REQUEST_CODE_PAYMENT);

Get the tip amount

You can access the included tip amount via the getDetails().getIncludedTipAmount() method of the Transaction object:

System.out.println("Included Tip: " + transaction.getDetails().getIncludedTipAmount());