Going Live

After successfully integrating and submitting your solution for pre-testing, you can start processing live transactions with just a few lines of code.

Start by letting us know you are ready to go live.

Once you have the access credentials, here is what you need to do:

Change the MPProviderMode in the PayButton integration

Switch to live processing by changing the provider mode to either MPProviderModeLIVE or MPProviderModeLIVE_FIXED - depending on your firewall requirements.

For (multi-merchant) solutions storing merchant credentials in their backend: Don't forget to initialize the PayButton integration with the appropriate merchantIdentifier/merchantSecretKey pair retrieved from your backend.

Miura Card Readers: register your solution with the Apple MFi Program

To submit your Miura-based solution to the Apple App Store, Miura needs to register your application with the Apple MFI Program. In order to do so, please fill out this form. It will take about a week until your solution is registered with MFi.

Submit MFi information
After filling out the form, it will take about a week until your solution is registered with MFi.

Miura Card Readers: submit your solution to the Apple App Store

After Miura registers the application, you will receive so-called PPIDs (one for each Miura model) that you have to provide Apple when submitting your solution in iTunes Connect.

We recommend to use a text similar to this one for the Review Notes:

<NAME_OF_YOUR_SOLUTION> is a mPOS solution: It allows merchants to accept credit and debit card payments right with their iOS devices and uses the Miura card readers to securely process the card and PIN of the shopper.

The Miura Card Readers are all MFi accessories and our PPIDs for this Apps are <XXXXXX-YYYY> (Miura Shuttle) and <XXXXXX-YYYY> (Miura M010).

Should your solution require a login, make sure to provide Apple with a demo account under Demo Account Information. Note however, that Apple will not review your PayButton integration and therefore you do not need to provide Apple with a card reader.

U.S. Export Compliance settings

With the PayButton integration, your app does not fall under the U.S. Export Compliance because 'cryptography limited to banking use and money transactions' is exempted. When submitting the app to the iOS App Store, select for Export Compliance as follows: