Ask for a tip on the card reader

On-Reader Tipping makes it really easy for your merchants to collect tips from their guests:
At the beginning of each transaction, the guest is asked whether he wants to give a tip and then can enter the tip amount right on the card reader.

Get in touch with your account manager to activate this feature on the LIVE system.

Ask for a tip

Create MPTransactionProcessParameters and provide them to createTransactionViewController:

MPTransactionProcessParameters *pp = [MPTransactionProcessParameters parametersWithSteps:
						^(id  _Nonnull steps)
							[steps addAskForTipStepWithSuggestedAmount:nil];

UIViewController *viewController =
	[ui createTransactionViewControllerWithTransactionParameters:tp

Get the tip amount

After the transaction has been completed, you can access the included tip amount via the details.includedTipAmount property of the MPTransaction object that you receive as part of the completed block:

NSLog(@"Included Tip: %@",transaction.details.includedTipAmount);