What do the TransactionStatus mean?

If a transaction is completed then it will have one of the following statuses.

  • APPROVED : The transaction was approved. The goods can be handed out by the Merchant.
  • DECLINED : The transaction was declined. A more detailed reason for the decline can be found in Transaction.getStateDetails().getCode().
  • ABORTED : The transaction was aborted by the Merchant or the Shopper. The detailed reason of the abort can be found in Transaction.getStateDetails().getCode().
  • ERROR : The transaction errored. The detailed reason for the error can found in Transaction.getStateDetails().getCode().
  • INCONCLUSIVE : The transaction was inconclusive. The state indicates that the SDK wasn't able to complete the transaction successfully with the backend as it was unable to reach it for some reason and is unaware of the status of the Transaction on the backend. It is recommended that you lookup the transaction one more time and check the status. If you are using the PayButton then you can show the summary screen for the transaction using the transaction.identifier to check the status.

If a transaction is incomplete then it'll have either of the following statuses.

  • PENDING : The transaction was registered and executed on the backend and is awaiting completion.
  • INITIALIZED : The transaction was registered with the backend and is awaiting execution.