Magnius as a payment solution on location or on the move

Magnius offers many innovative solutions for the transport and logistics sector. From payment solutions on location, to real-time insights into your payments on the go. Our mobile payment terminals are very easy to link to your software, and are also ideal for collecting outstanding balances on delivery - both cheaply and avoiding fraud.

  • Outstanding balances can be collected immediately with a mobile payment terminal
  • Reduce administration costs with insights into your payments
  • Flexible payment solutions for your specific situation

If you want more insight into your transaction data, then contact us.
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The Magnius Terminal

The Magnius Terminal is the fastest and easiest way to receive payments and can be linked to a Windows computer or a Windows, Android or iOS mobile phone.

Voor contactloze, PIN en creditcard betalingen For contactless, debit and credit card payments
Verbinding via Bluetooth of WiFi Connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Makkelijk te verbinden met jouw POS systeem Easy to connect to your POS system
Heel eenvoudig in gebruik Very easy to use
Lange levensduur van de batterij Long battery life
Veel handige accessoires beschikbaar Many useful accessories available

Online Payments

You're ready for the future with the innovative platform and integrated payment solutions from Magnius. Whether you want to grow in the Netherlands or want to expand your business overseas, Magnius's e-commerce platform is ready for your business. Increase your conversions immediately with the innovative Magnius payments platform.

Fraud & Risk Tools Fraud & Risk Tools
Innovatieve Oplossingen Innovative solutions
CreditCard CreditCard
Magnius Direct Debit Magnius Direct Debit


With Magnius, you'll always get the best rates for the payment methods that you want to use. The Magnius Terminal is very competitively priced and doesn't demand a large investment, and you will be able to process debit card payments from 14 cents. We charge just 25 cents per transaction for the popular iDEAL payments. Are you curious about how much Magnius can save you on credit card, pay on delivery and PayPal, amongst others? Contact us for your personalised offer.

If you want more insight into your transaction data, then contact us.
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