Minimise your risk, maximise your sales

Increasing sales and security go hand in hand with Magnius. Together, we ensure the optimal balance between customer freedom and control over fraud and chargebacks. We make it possible to put in place rules for transactions, we monitor all your payments in real time and we provide automatic handling of your chargebacks.

Transactieregels Transaction rules Proactive fraud management with an intuitive interface to easily set your own rules.
Monitoring Monitoring With the real-time transaction overview, you always have an immediate overview for marketing purposes or for risk management.
Chargeback management Chargebacks Automate chargebacks and keep an overview of all refunds.

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PCI compliance

With our partners, we're a Level 1 validated PCI DSS-Compliant Service Provider. Our software meets all the requirements to be able to handle credit card transactions securely. The "hosted payment page" and "drop-in form" also meet the highest security standards.


We have a dispensation from the Dutch Central Bank to be allowed to process your payments. The whole Magnius organisation is set up so that your payment and personal data are stored securely, are not visible to unauthorised persons and can never land in the hands of third parties.

The Payment Association

We cooperate closely with the Netherlands Payment Association. They have approved us and certified us for the use of iDEAL and PIN. Together with initiatives from the Payment Association, we're also always on the lookout for the best ways to prevent fraud.

3D Secure

3D Secure is a unique standard that makes payments on the Internet with MasterCard, Visa, JCB and Maestro safer. It offers the opportunity for the card owner to identify themselves and to generate proof of the transaction.