Omzet die je anders had gemist

Sales that you'd otherwise have missed

Our platform is set up to give you insights into all payments. Clear and simple. Both for developers and for managers. We help our users learn and improve their payment processes.

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Finally understand your payments

We know that you want immediate insights into all your transactions. Not just a summary of your transactions, but clear insights and understandable graphs.

Online en POS Online en POS We don't see online and offline as two separate streams, but process them together.
Freeform Analysis Freeform Analysis Make your own relevant graphs and see the results of your transactions in a fraction of a second.
Payment Analytics Payment Analytics Our leading analysis tools give an immediate insight into your financial data.
Organisation Charts Organisation Charts With a few clicks, you can see the difference in turnover by department, by floor or even per payment terminal.

If you want more insight into your transaction data, then contact us.
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Analyse, learn and improve

Magnius doesn't only provide extra insight into your payments, but gives pointers on what to do about it. Our platform is geared towards improving your conversion rate. Improve the transaction behaviour of customers on the basis of your own data and innovate your business methods on the basis of the best practices of others.

Split Testing

With our split testing tools, you can test multiple checkouts. Meaning you can optimise the conversion rate and the customer experience.

Best practices

Learn how you can immediately increase your conversion rate from the example of other businesses and institutions.

Machine Learning

Our software is developed so that it learns from each transaction and, therefore, continuously minimises fraud and risks.

If you want more insight into your transaction data, then contact us.
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Simply optimise your payment process

Magnius ensures that you are always aware of the latest innovations in the field of payment processing. Now you have our new insights, it's time to act. Minimise your risk, make use of new payment methods, order payment terminals and follow the latest trends.

Betaalmethoden Payment methods Both online and offline. Magnius offers the ideal mix of payment methods.
Terminals Terminals Quickly expand your payment terminals. Both with new terminals and new integrations.
Risk Rules Risk Rules Set your personal rules to minimise your specific risks.
Integratie Integratie We help with the integration of our solution with your current system.

If you want more insight into your transaction data, contact us.
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Developers: Have fun!

Our platform is geared towards developers. We give developers the scope they need to do what they need to do. It’s possible to connect to our omnichannel platform from both your Web environment and your app. We provide tools for Web, iOS, Android and Windows.

Have fun!
Developers: leef je uit!