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You're ready for the future with the innovative platform and integrated payment solutions from Magnius. Learn from transactions that weren't successful and optimise your payment process based on successful transactions.

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Online Payments

Intelligent routing

We're connected to multiple banks. Our software makes it possible to send each transaction to the cheapest or best bank. This allows us to achieve the best possible availability for the best price.

How does that help me?

We ensure that downtime from the payment solution on your website is minimal. We can always send a payment to a solution that's available, so that you never miss a sale.

All-in-one solution

Magnius integrates a webshop and offline payments into a single platform. Our platform links your physical store and your webshop, making your income transparent and manageable.

How does that help me?

By integrating your webshop with your physical store, you're always aware of the actual stock levels. Furthermore, you’ll miss fewer sales because you can sell from your webshop within your physical store.

Business Intelligence

Increase customer loyalty with clear customer insights. With our platform, you learn to really know the customer. You can discover the source of each transaction, which system was used and why the transaction was successful or not. With this, you can understand and better interpret the business reasons for your transaction performance. All information can be linked to BI software.

How does that help me?

By knowing which transactions were successful or not, you can significantly increase the conversion rate of your webshop. Which leads to immediate higher turnover!

No separate accounts

All payment methods are summarised in one dashboard, so that you have an overview of all payments at a glance. This applies to iDEAL, pay on delivery and PayPal, but also to card payments.

How does that help me?

Now you know what your turnover really is. Webshop turnover and POS turnover are now available in a single report.

The Platform


Developers don't need to perform any additional integrations to benefit from our complete range of services.

Drop-in form

The easy-to-integrate drop-in form provides a smooth and secure customer experience.

Payment Analytics

By using the Intelligent Payment Platform, it's possible to make all transaction data comprehensible.

Hosted payment page

The hosted payment page is completely customisable with personal preferences and, amongst other things, A/B testing.

Magnius provides a wide range of online payment methods


The credit card is the most popular worldwide payment method. Magnius is PCI DSS-compliant, which means that we work to the highest security standards to protect you and your customers.

  • 3D secure risk management
  • Magnius is PCI DSS-compliant
  • The most-used worldwide payment method
  • Good transaction insurance for your customer


CreditClick is the first truly free payment method for merchants. CreditClick is a new payment method that enables instant and real time online credit as a payment method for your customers.

  • The payments are guaranteed and the will be transferred in two days
  • Increase your conversion rate without any transaction costs
  • Added value from an average transaction value of € 250


iDEAL is an indispensable payment method in the Netherlands, where it is the most popular online payment method.

  • Fast and secure
  • Guaranteed payment method
  • Easy to use
  • Requires no separate agreement with the banks


PayPal is used by 7,000,000 business worldwide. PayPal is available in 202 countries and markets and in 25 currencies.

  • Safe and secure
  • Easy and convenient
  • It's easy to get started with PayPal
  • Fixed rates based on how much you sell


Give your customers more advantage and let them pay in three installs without interest! Capayable is market leader for paying in three installments and expanding to other European countries.

  • Smart and modern way of financing without interest
  • Easy to use, the first installment is paid right away
  • After 30 and 60 days the last two installments will be paid


Increase your conversion rate by offering pay-on-delivery payment methods. Klarna is the European market leader for pay-on-delivery payment.

  • Smart and modern way of taking payments
  • Quick and easy to use, without having to provide too much personal information
  • Klarna guarantees 100% of the processed payments

Magnius Direct Debit

Magnius Direct Debit is the best payment method for subscriptions. It makes use of authorised bank-to-bank payments.

  • Smart mandate management
  • Clear communication with your customer
  • Seamlessly integrated into your website
  • Decrease payment issues and failures by 70%