Omzet die je anders had gemist

Achieve sales that you'd otherwise have missed

You choose Magnius if optimising your payment process is your most important goal. We achieve this, together, with our intelligent platform. Our "Quick Scan" allows you to identify areas for improvement and to address them.

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Quick Scan

Our customised "Quick Scan" is based on the identification of opportunities to increase income. We do this by focusing on strategies to increase conversion rates, to lower costs, to manage fraud, and to lower transaction costs.

Increase your conversion rate

By focusing on the optimisation of the configuration of risk management and payment options, we help business to increase turnover through a higher conversion rate.

Cost reduction

Fraudulent transactions are often the most expensive problem for a business. By managing the risks with the right tools and procedures, both direct and indirect costs can be reduced.

Reduced transaction costs

A different payment method and the renegotiation of contracts can bring immediate cost savings.

Get more insight

Magnius provides additional information about successful and failed payments. Recurring payments, for example, are a specific challenge that requires specific knowledge.

Payment Consultancy

You are not on your own. Magnius helps you to use our products to the fullest. We offer payment consultancy for medium-to-large businesses. In addition to our payment processing services, we also like to help you bring your payment processes to another level. We help with (amongst other things):

  • Checkout optimisation
  • Big Data analyses
  • Omnichannel transaction processing
  • Updates of new markets
  • Client-side technologies
  • Advanced merchant integration
  • Strategic payment consultancy

Contact us to discuss the possibilities for an analysis of your payment processes.
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